I am an unmitigated Michigander.  

Born, raised, and currently residing in Mid-Michigan, I'm proudly raising a new generation of little Michiganders

I attended East Lansing High School and lived in Lansing most of my life.  I attended under-grad at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo for undergrad where I played four years of lacrosse and earned first team all conference honors.  Since under-grad, I've lived in many parts of the Greater Lansing area.

Outside of the office I'm inspired by the great outdoors of Michigan.  

I frequently landscape and maintain my yard (pictured above), and I 
stay active by running and disc golfing every chance I get, even through rain and snow. When Michigan turns cold and daylight is desiccated I play hockey at the three ice rinks Lansing offers. 

Grand Haven, Cadillac, Gaylord and Kalamazoo are among the frequent destinations while traveling Michigan with my family, but we enjoy many more.  I sing tenor/baritone with a local group on a weekly basis as well.  As time allows I enjoy reading business and data publications, but my passion lies in creating. Turning a storage closet into a workout room, constructing raised garden landscapes, building a backyard deck, editing photographs I've taken while disc golfing.

I've founded a marketing company called KamJen Marketing Consultants LLC which caters to small businesses in the Greater Lansing area who have little to no experience in digital marketing.  I also recently co-created a disc golf website where I head the marketing and growth strategy which includes publishing disc golf articles and have working on many types of digital content such as slide shares and videos.